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Zachary B Friedman is a SoCal native and local 800 art director with a focus on previsualizations and set builds for music videos, commercials and feature films. Selected clients: Apple, Amazon, Lowes, Ford and Microsoft along with Taylor Swift, A$AP Rocky, Camila Cabello and Adele.

His workflow includes elements of virtual production with AR/VR implemented early in preproduction to allow the lead creative team to previs camera moves, lighting plans, set design and other details early in the preproduction process. Other skills include 3D modeling, rendering, previs animations, concept art, site planning and layouts for set construction.

The visual development of any piece of media is an often expensive and time consuming effort. The plans set forth in preproduction are redirected due to scheduling, budget and indecision. The ability to generate fast and accurate previs renderings/illustrations is an essential element to the art department and visual development of nearly any project.

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